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We are located just south west of Buffalo, in West Seneca, New York. We are a short drive for anyone coming from, Orchard Park, Hamburg, Lackawanna, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Elma or East Aurora.

As we offer unique and affordable Immediate Implant Restoration Services, we occasionally draw from outside the Western New York area. These patients often stay at the Hampton Inn Buffalo,located in West Seneca just off the south/I-90 at 1750 Ridge Rd.


Enjoy a show, or follow along in real time during your implant procedure in our spacious surgical suite.


Don't worry, the windows are tinted dark blue, so we can see out...... but they can't see in. :)





The Doctor Goals


Most of us have heard the tale of George Washington's wood and ivory, spring loaded denture teeth. It is difficult to imagine how anyone could talk or chew with that contraption.

Luckily rubber, then plastic came along replacing the wooden plates, preventing those nasty slivers in the tongue!

Except for those advances, denture technology has really not improved much in the last 200 years.

It did not take long in my career, for me to realize how much, overall, folks were very displeased with their dentures. "My lower denture is always moving, hurting and popping out." and "It's like talking with a mouthful of marbles!" These are the type of complaints I would hear over and over again! That was in the early 1980's and little did I know there were people working hard on that very problem.

Dental implants were born in the dental research labs of the 1960's and 1970's. The next two decades brought dental implantology to the masses and professional lecture halls. Now, our patients share my excitement, because today, dental implants are as common as fillings, root canals or crowns. This is understandable because, in many ways, implants are better than natural teeth.

Exciting as this was, I started going to every implant lecture I could. Today, the major focus of my general dental practice is introducing the benefits of implant dentistry to all my patients.

What does all this have to do with goals? It is the name of this section after all.... Many of us have heard of someone who has had dental implants performed and how it cost them thousands and thousands of dollars just for one tooth. In fact, over the last 25 years, most people have been paying $3000 to $5000 per tooth.

It has always been my goal to bring the cost down, so that the average wage earner could also enjoy the benefits of implant dentistry.

My focus on this goal will continue, by maintaining reasonable implant fees and adopting new and efficient ways to "streamline" the process and reduce "chair-time" for patients.

As with all my general dentistry, I will perform procedures as pain free as possible.


We are different because...


We offer services hard to find elsewhere...
Most general practices don't provide implant placement procedures, 'teeth in a day' procedures, or jaw- bone rebuilding.

We offer lower implant fees...
Believing everyone should be able to afford the benefits of Implant Dentistry, we offer very competitive standard fees, super low 'New Patient' promotion fees, as well as insurance discounts and preferred provider insurance plans. And don't forget about our 0% 'Care Credit' payment plans!

We offer convenience...
No one 'loves' to go to the Dentist. We realize that....so why sit through 5 appointments to replace one tooth when we can do it in 1 or 2 appointments? Making time in your day to spend at the dental office is aggravating at best....and costly if you must take time off from work.

And our patients appreciate that they don't have to go elsewhere for part of the procedure. This saves you time, aggravation and additional cost!

We offer experience...
We have 30 years experience in Cosmetic, General and Emergency Dental care.
We have been involved in Implant Dentistry for 25 years.
We have been placing Dental Implants for more than 15 years.

We offer comfortable, personal care....
You will never be 'casually' switched to another Doctor.
You will be treated as a patient and a friend.


We are a small office with big hearts, creative minds and we enjoy the lighter side of life...all while providing you with exceptional dental care.

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