Day of Surgery.. pictorial...for you brave so

Today we are replacing a lower first molar. I consider it the most important tooth we have. Most dentists consider it the cornerstone of the mouth. When we lose this tooth the rest of the dentition begins to collapse and we begin our journey down the road to Denture Town.

Many refuse to take that trip, so they replace it with an implant and crown. In fact I replace more lower first molars than all the rest combined. It can be very easy, usually 2 appointments a few weeks apart. There are different types of implants we can use here ...this one is a one piece large diameter implant....the patient has a substantial amount of bone so we can use a widebody implant.

The First photo shows the missing first molar and a mark for the implants position. The entire procedure has been planned out to the last detail during the case work-up, study model and surgical guide fabrication procedures. We spend approximately 2 hours in the dental lab perfecting the case before the day of surgery. Precision planning and technique is required for successful placement and a speedy completion of the case.

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