FAQs Regarding Implants


What is an Immediate Implant Dental Center anyway?

Not only is it our logo and registered trademark but it is a philosophy as well. For more than 25 years we have been learning and exploring the advancements in Implant Dentistry, constantly on the lookout for new techniques and instrumentation that we can use to make implantology faster and more convenient for our patients without compromising precision, quality or long term success rates. In addition to the advancements of others, we are making contributions of our own, in the field of implant placement protocols. Our patented surgical guides provide exceptional speed and precision not only for implant placement, but for diagnosis and treatment planning as well.

Many Dentists place Implants today. Why should I choose your office over the others?

A few reasons come to mind:

  1. As noted above we are the only ones that provide the benefits of our bone contacting surgical guides. US PATENT 7,153,132 B2
  2. We provide complete Implant and surgical care, as well as all prosthetic procedures. We perform advanced grafting procedures, including sinus lifts when necessary. This minimizes the need for Specialist's care and their corresponding higher fees.
  3. We are a small, friendly office of humble means. You are not paying exorbitantly high fees, nor are you being pushed into procedures you don't need, just so the mortgage on the new large clinic can be met. Nobody likes to be pushed into doing procedures that are not necessary or beyond one's budget.
  4. We offer new patients 40% off their first implant placement surgery.
  5. When placing multipile mini implants for removable denture stabilization, we offer 40% off for that implant surgery.
  6. If I needed implant dentistry, this is the only office I would go to......ok.. now I'm just bragging...:)

WHAT ARE 'IN-NETWORK' INSURANCE PLANS - We know, most Practitioners with Implant Practices are not "IN-NETWORK" with dental insurance plans. We have provided hundreds of free consultations, many are second opinions, and most say at the other office, the entire fee is required up front and it's up to the patient to collect from insurance. This usually means the doctor is "out-of-network" and the patient is paying higher fees. For example, many people needing grafting, multiple implants, abutments and crowns may have a total fee of $9000.00. But since they have a reduced fee dental insurance plan and we are 'in network', they save about $2000.00 just by walking in our door vs. the other guy's office.

We are IN-NETWORK for many insurance plans and our patients save big time as a result.


It seems like an easy question but actually, it's the hardest to answer. Many people call the office, obviously shopping for the lowest price, which is fine. Most of us want the best deal. Unfortunately many hang-up, frustrated with our answer.

Imagine going to your local GMC, Cadillac, Buick dealer...walking in the front door and asking, "So..What does a car cost??" Can you imagine some of the looks you might see on their faces? Well you might see that same look on my face when someone demands to know what an implant costs. Similar to deciding on a car's make, model, all its options, cash back and trade-in values, having Dental Implantology performed is not a singular event. It is a process. Examinations, diagnosis, treatment plan options, bone evaluations, implant selection and prosthetic options must be explored first. Your Insurance coverage is examined for reduced fee adjustments. More specificaly we need to know if bad teeth need to be extracted first, do you need bone grafting, sinus lifts, are we using minis or standard size or the new premium ultra wide implants? One piece or two piece? What kind of crown are we placing on the implant. Is it a custom abutment or simple 'o' ball? We address these questions at your free implant consultation and usually can give you a range or "ballpark" answer to your cost question. But some complicated cases require additional tests, xrs, ct scans and consultations before we have a solid figure.

At this time, I am in the process of trying to address your cost questions by noting approximately what some have paid for their implant cases thru-out this web site. Check out our implant photo gallery and come back often...it is a work in progress.

Why might I be interested in Immediate Dental Implants?

Immediate dental implants are the perfect solution to the dental problems patients have been struggling with forever such as... rocking partials, ill-fitting dentures, that one missing tooth.

Do you struggle with your metal partial denture? Does it rock and hurt? Does the chrome shine and sparkle when you smile? Does it break and require repair on the day of your important social event? Do you chew your food better without it?If any of these were answered with a yes... then immediate implants would work for you. You could have secure, natural looking teeth.

Are you struggling with the idea of replacing one tooth with fixed bridgework due to:

A—the high cost of the bridge (typically over $2500)?

B—the idea that the two healthy teeth on either side of the space have to be “ground down” stripping away all of the healthy enamel, first?

C—the idea that those same two teeth may require expensive root canals before the bridge is made?

Then replace your missing tooth with a 'single tooth' implant restoration and your concerns disappear!

Safe, Fast, Comfortable and Affordable—Immediate Dental Implants

Do you struggle with a full upper denture?

Are you tired of using those “tasty” creams to keep your full denture in place?

Do you miss enjoying the texture of foods on the roof of your mouth?

Still gagging on all that plastic?

Do you find you can’t eat that steak and other foods like you used to?

Replace your full upper denture with an Immediate Implant supported, palate free, “U” shapeddenture and your problems disappear!

Does your lower denture “pop out” anytime it wants?

Does it hurt when you chew; no matter how many times you have it adjusted? Are you not eating the foods you used to enjoy before having a lower denture? Immediate Implants can fix these issues too, giving you a secure, comfortable lower denture.

Immediate Dental Implants afford denture patients confidence when they chew, talk and laugh.

What are the benefits of Dental Implants?

In the dental profession, replacing missing teeth with implants is becoming the "Standard of Care". What this means is no other tooth replacement method serves the patient's oral health, chewing function or general well being as well as implants.

Implants do not decay, are never sensitive to hot, cold or sweets and never develop toothaches like natural teeth.

Eat what you want-- with dental implants patients are able to eat all foods and chew properly. People who only wear dentures must change to a softer, more restrictive diet. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit can be a challenge for a denture wearer, diet has been and will continue to be a major part of our striving to be as healthy as we can be. Being able to eat a healthy variety of solid foods is never a problem with dental implants.

How do dental implants work?

The answer to this question can get very technical but the majority of cases that we treat are simple single tooth implant restorations.

Let's start there...

Immediate implants are made of extremely hard titanium alloy. After the damaged tooth is removed and bone heals, the 'body' of the implant is placed in the jaw bone where the root of the natural tooth was located. The 'abutment' end of the implant rises above the gingival (gum) tissue. At the appropriate time a crown (cap) is cemented on the abutment.

Implants also may replace multiple adjacent teeth. This restoration is known as a bridge. This is referred to as a "fixed" prosthesis, where two or more implants are placed and two or more connected teeth are cemented into place.

Patients wearing metal partial dentures also appreciate dental implants. Many times the heavy metal bars and sharp, unsightly metal clasps of their partial denture can be eliminated by placing one or more implants to support the partial.

Patients who wear full dentures may also have strategically placed implants enabling the denture to lock on to the implants. Even though the dentures are secure on the implants, this is still a "removable" prosthesis. The person wearing this type of "snap on" denture is able to remove it for regular daily cleaning. This procedure literally changes the life of patients who struggle with loose dentures when laughing, talking and eating.

What is the difference between immediate dental implants and the older multi-stage implants?

For more than 20 years, the majority of dental implants have been placed utilizing the "team approach". A specialist would place the "body" of the implant in the jaw bone and months later a second surgery would connect the second part of the implant (or abutment) to the body. Then another dentist would fit and place a crown (cap) on the abutment.

This approach is fine but obviously takes multiple surgeries and many months to a year to complete one tooth. Fees of $4000 to $6000 per tooth are common place! Today, with newer one piece immediate implants, the cost factor has been cut in half! And, the time required to replace one tooth is a fraction of what it used to be!

In fact in our office, one doctor is responsible for both implant and crown placement. This often enables us to perform the entire procedure in one day! We routinely place anterior teeth in less than 2 hours. Sometimes it's a temporary crown, other times it's a final crown, but either way, you walk out with something to smile about in one short comfortable apointment.

Is everyone a candidate for immediate implants?

More than 20 years experience has shown us that approximately 90% of patients are candidates for implant dentistry and about 75% are candidates for immediate implants. In other words, you may not be a candidate for a fast, Immediate Implant procedure, but may still be a candidate for a multi-stage implant that would take a few months to heal and complete. Or you may need bone rebuilding first, then have an implant placed. This will add 2 to 8 months to the treatment. The most important element for implant success is having adequate dense bone at the implant site The more dense bone available, the larger the implant we can place. The larger the implant, the faster we can place your finished Crown, Bridge or Denture on that Implant. It's all about the bone folks !... :)

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