Implant Crown "Tight Squeeze"

Working with young adults who have been missing a front tooth because it never developed, is always fun, but can also be a bit of a challenge. Many times as was the case here, the roots of the adjacent teeth are so close together there is barely enough room for any size implant!

Luckily, using a narrow diameter implant and our precise Implant Placement System, we were able to help this girl smile again. :)

Due to the complexity of this case we placed the implant and a temporary crown one day. (3rd picture) And a few weeks later we placed the final crown.


Before seeing us, this patient had been told she would need orthodontic care to separate the roots, block bone grafting to create a wider ridge to accept a wide diameter implant and an expensive multi-stage implant with an expensive cosmetic abutment. This treatment may have taken 2 years to complete. $5000.00 is probably a conservative estimate as to the cost. We were able to make her smile for less than a third of that. Total time.....3 weeks!

1st Apt: Consultation, health history, XR, evaluate periodontal condition, check ridge dimensions, select Implant, review the surgical procedure, pre-op instructions, Impressions, shade matching

2nd Apt: Place the implant using our surgical stent placement system, impression for final crown, fit and cement the temporary crown.

3rd Apt: Fit and cement final crown....... and SMILE!

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