senior_couple.jpgAbsolutely the best way to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants are hard Titanium alloy. They don't decay, are never sensitive to hot or cold, and never develop "toothaches" like natural teeth! In every way they are better than natural teeth. In fact our patients who have had implanted teeth for more than 10 years, come in for treatment on their natural teeth routinely, but never have problems with their titanium implants. Implants also save the bone volume of your jaw, which in turn helps you maintain a more youthful appearance as you age. So, in the long run, dental implants are well worth the initial cost.

Usually one implant supports one crown (tooth), but also multiple teeth (bridge), as well as partial and full dentures.

Many of our appreciative patients have given us permission to show you all the ways implants are used today! Make use of their generosity and view our implant cases and testimonials. This page shows before and after photos but only a glimpse of the actual implants. And be sure to click on the "About Dental Implants" video presentation above right, for an in depth understanding of all the benefits.

Then call us for more info or to schedule a free implant consultation , at 716-675-3900 today!

Case #1

Anterior cases as this can be fun and relatvely easy. This patient had adequate healthy bone at the implant site as it had been more than a year since the badly damaged tooth had been extracted. Conditions then were right to treat this as an immediate case .... the implant and crown were placed in one day! Results were excellent. The implant crown even looks more natural than the crown on the natural root to it's right. 10 years later it even looks better!


Case #2

A routine 3 unit case with a very nice result. Vern gave us permission to show his case and offers the following words for your consideration. He writes, " In my experience with my dental implants, I found the procedure to be pain free and comfortable. I went ahead with implants because my teeth were in need of repair. It was such an improvement on my appearance. I was very pleased with the results and the experience of Dr. Tedesco and his staff. " -----Vernen Seamans------


Case #3

Many times we will finish a single tooth case in 2 short appointments. This is much easier than the 5 or 6 appointments required to perform root canals and crown preps on the adjacent teeth and fabricate a three unit fixed bridge,just to replace one tooth!

The patient writes...

Years ago, Dr. Tedesco and his staff completed a Dental Implant Restoration for me on an upper tooth. The ultimate decision to have this done turned out to be a wise one, both in terms of functionally and cosmetic purposes.

The entire process was a relatively comfortable procedure with very little associated discomfort. Since implant complete I have had no problem with restored tooth and am considering an additional implant restoration in the near future. I would highly recommend this option for best long lasting results.

-------Kevin Pendergast------


Implant Crown "Tight Squeeze"

Working with young adults who have been missing a front tooth because it never developed, is always fun, but can also be a bit of a challenge. Many times as was the case here, the roots of the adjacent teeth are so close together there is barely enough room for any size implant!

Luckily, using a narrow diameter implant and our precise Implant Placement System, we were able to help this girl smile again. :)

Due to the complexity of this case we placed the implant and a temporary crown one day. (3rd picture) And a few weeks later we placed the final crown.


Before seeing us, this patient had been told she would need orthodontic care to separate the roots, block bone grafting to create a wider ridge to accept a wide diameter implant and an expensive multi-stage implant with an expensive cosmetic abutment. This treatment may have taken 2 years to complete. $5000.00 is probably a conservative estimate as to the cost. We were able to make her smile for less than a third of that. Total time.....3 weeks!

1st Apt: Consultation, health history, XR, evaluate periodontal condition, check ridge dimensions, select Implant, review the surgical procedure, pre-op instructions, Impressions, shade matching

2nd Apt: Place the implant using our surgical stent placement system, impression for final crown, fit and cement the temporary crown.

3rd Apt: Fit and cement final crown....... and SMILE!

Implant Secured Crown - case 2

Folks of all ages are enjoying the benefits of Implant Dentistry today! In fact many seniors, having struggled with partials for many years, desire normal chewing function as they had during their younger years. We are delighted that we are able to help!

This wonderful 80 year youngster at heart, refuses to go down the denture path. And one by one, we are helping her regain full chewing ability. Photos show the missing central incisor, our laboratory model with a pre-made crown, and finally, the day of implant surgery. Implant and crown placed same day.



Posterior Bridge implant secured

OK Folks....down to the nitty-gritty....If you don't want to see little implants emanating from the ridge of a real mouth...then DON'T LOOK AT THIS CASE! OK... you have been warned ... :)

We put 2 implants in one day and 2 more a few days later. This photo is immediately after the last placement. You will notice it's not a messy procedure as we usually use a non-invasive technique. this way we don't need sutures and we don't need to wait 6 weeks for the tissue to heal and stabilize in shape. We take the impression the same day and 2 weeks later we cement the bridge Very fast & comfortable for the patient.

The middle photo shows some 'behind the scenes' action. When we receive the case from the ceramic technician, we check it for quality, anatomy and fit.

The last pic shows it cemented in place. It has been designed to allow thorough cleaning of the supporting implants.

There.....that wasn't so bad.....was it?

posterior1.jpg posterior2.jpg posterior3.jpg


Take my Partial.....Pleeeze!

Removable Partial Dentures are a necessary evil in dentistry. People lose teeth as they age and the least expensive way to replace them, is with a Partial. Many people tolerate a Partial well, but never in my 30 year career has anyone ever said to me, "I just love my Partial Doc!"

Having "tolerated" the sparkling chrome look long enough, not to mention the constantly breaking anterior tooth that is never put back in the proper position, this patient wanted something better. But replacing the 4 teeth with implants would be $14,000 plus, she had been told. We did it for about half of that.


A perfect "Hollywood" smile...... Maybe not, but a real dental problem solved with Immediate Dental Implants. No more chrome showing when she smiles, no more food jamming under the metal when eating, and no more front teeth breaking off the denture just before that weekend getaway.

Pain Today...Vacation Next Month!!!...Hurry Please!

We all love to see beautiful transformations.... you know, those before and after photos where the after shot is all glammed up, in addition to the new smile. Dentists see them at their Cosmetic Dental Seminars and the public view them in ads and on sites like this one. Restoring anterior cases are very enjoyable..... patients are appreciative and we as dentists, get to "show off" our work!

Unfortunately, most cases that walk in our door do not involve the anterior smile. Most of them are real people with real dental problems of painful or lost back teeth. Not very pretty perhaps, but so very important when it's your dental health.

The following is just such a case.. Getting ready for a trip to Europe in 3 weeks, a sudden painful loose upper molar starts acting up. Severe pain and other missing teeth will make it difficult to enjoy that fine French Cuisine. Not to mention, vacation photo shoots! ... What to do?

Well, there are traditional dental options, temporary partials or the like.... but they all have functional and cosmetic limitations this patient is not willing to endure. Besides, none of these options can be completed in time for take-off. This is when Immediate Dental Implants come to the rescue!

First, we take that molar out, take an impression of the area and bone graft the site. A few days later, we place an implant in the available bone anterior to the extraction site and a provisional crown. Finally, we check the site, remove sutures and send our patient to the airport. A final crown will be waiting for her when she returns from Paris.

A few months later, a second implant restoration will be placed in the grafted extraction site.

Real people...Real dental problems.... Solved with Immediate Dental Implants.

pain_today1.jpg pain_today2.jpg pain_today3.jpg

Lower Full Denture - Implant Supported

Warning! Abutments ahead .... If you don't want to look at implants emanating from someone’s mouth, go to another page, as they are not pretty. But for someone who can only eat oatmeal because their denture can't chew real food, they are gorgeous!

Now this patient can eat a steak and salad again....

The denture now has 'O' rings that snap over the abutments. It's almost like real teeth again!



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