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We all love to see beautiful transformations.... you know, those before and after photos where the after shot is all glammed up, in addition to the new smile. Dentists see them at their Cosmetic Dental Seminars and the public view them in ads and on sites like this one. Restoring anterior cases are very enjoyable..... patients are appreciative and we as dentists, get to "show off" our work!

Unfortunately, most cases that walk in our door do not involve the anterior smile. Most of them are real people with real dental problems of painful or lost back teeth. Not very pretty perhaps, but so very important when it's your dental health.

The following is just such a case.. Getting ready for a trip to Europe in 3 weeks, a sudden painful loose upper molar starts acting up. Severe pain and other missing teeth will make it difficult to enjoy that fine French Cuisine. Not to mention, vacation photo shoots! ... What to do?

Well, there are traditional dental options, temporary partials or the like.... but they all have functional and cosmetic limitations this patient is not willing to endure. Besides, none of these options can be completed in time for take-off. This is when Immediate Dental Implants come to the rescue!

First, we take that molar out, take an impression of the area and bone graft the site. A few days later, we place an implant in the available bone anterior to the extraction site and a provisional crown. Finally, we check the site, remove sutures and send our patient to the airport. A final crown will be waiting for her when she returns from Paris.

A few months later, a second implant restoration will be placed in the grafted extraction site.

Real people...Real dental problems.... Solved with Immediate Dental Implants.

Dental in West Seneca NYDental in West Seneca NYDental in West Seneca NY

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