Posterior Bridge Implant Secured

OK Folks....down to the nitty-gritty....If you don't want to see little implants emanating from the ridge of a real mouth...then DON'T LOOK AT THIS PAGE! OK... you have been warned ... :)

We placed 2 implants in one day and 2 more a few days later. This photo is immediately after the last placement. You will notice it's not a messy procedure as we usually use a non-invasive technique. this way we don't need sutures and we don't need to wait 6 weeks for the tissue to heal and stabilize in shape. We take the impression the same day and 2 weeks later we cement the bridge Very fast & comfortable for the patient.

The middle photo shows some 'behind the scenes' action. When we receive the case from the ceramic technician, we check it for quality, anatomy and fit.

The last pic shows it cemented in place. It has been designed to allow thorough cleaning of the supporting implants.

There..... that wasn't so bad..... was it?

Dental in West Seneca NYDental in West Seneca NYDental in West Seneca NY

Dental in West Seneca NY

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