Take my Partial.....Pleeeze!

Removable Partial Dentures are a necessary evil in dentistry. People lose teeth as they age and the least expensive way to replace them, is with a Partial. Many people tolerate a Partial well, but never in my 30 year career has anyone ever said to me, "I just love my Partial Doc!"

Having "tolerated" the sparkling chrome look long enough, not to mention the constantly breaking anterior tooth that is never put back in the proper position, this patient wanted something better. But replacing the 4 teeth with implants would be $14,000 plus, she had been told. We did it for about half of that.

Dental in West Seneca NYDental in West Seneca NY

A perfect "Hollywood" smile...... Maybe not, but a real dental problem solved with Immediate Dental Implants. No more chrome showing when she smiles, no more food jamming under the metal when eating, and no more front teeth breaking off just before that weekend getaway.

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