I had not been to a dentist in quite a long time. I was absolutely determined before this summer to smile again.   I kept searching online and found Dr. Tedesco's sight.  I thought to myself "could this be true, could Dr. Tedesco fix anything where I wouldn't be sent to different people  to have crowns, implants or anything else done?"    Tracy was so kind when I called and I thought this all just might be okay.    Dr. Tedesco made me feel instantly that all would be okay and I would smile again.  I knew I would need almost everything and between Dr. Tedesco, Tracy and Carol all started happening.  Even after my first visit, I was able to start feeling confident in my smile!  I have never had one bit of pain.  One thing the whole staff wants all their patients to be super comfortable.   I never had to wait when arriving at the office for my appointment and their hours for patients are perfect.  It can work for anyone whether you work or not.  Please feel free to ask Dr. Tedesco to see my before and after photos and you will see why I feel like I just received the best present ever.

Thank you,
Jan M.

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